Enterprise Software Development

E‑ngineers provides a complete range of services around applications, from concept to execution to tech support, together with flexible engagement models and project requirements.

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E‑ngineers team is here to serve

Whether you need a tailored enterprise software solution from an experienced software engineering company, an interconnected software landscape from a specialist in integration, or renewed control of your business applications with the help of technology experts.

  • Enterprise Software

    E‑ngineers can help your business create and put in place tailored business applications that streamline a range of business and customer-focused workflows. We can build software from the ground up or tweak operational systems so they align and interact with your software ecosystem.

  • Enterprise Application

    We combine diverse business applications for improved process continuity, information security and collaboration. By bringing together enterprise solutions, we make sure the whole software landscape is safe and seamless.

  • Legacy App

    We can bring legacy software up to speed by restructuring it, making the move to modern platforms, adding new elements, enabling access from any device, enhancing user interaction and experience, and making it comply with all security requirements.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking localisation for the Uzbek market

E‑ngineers can apply the expertise you need to implement Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking, this solution will enable you to provide a seamless experience across channels and stay competitive in today's digital landscape.

E‑ngineers can apply the expertise you
need to organise and renew your legacy
RPG / IBMi solutions

Despite the versatility of RPG, and the operating capability of IBMi software, in certain situations many organisations prefer to move on up to bigger and better things. That’s where E‑ngineers can help.

We offer support with every aspect
of enterprise software development

  • Deliver, Optimise, Evolve

    • Delivery/Releases
    • Maintenance & Support
  • Prototype, Build, Integrate

    • Design
    • Development
  • Define Project Scope,
    Baseline System

    • Project Analysis & Planning
    • Requirements Specification

Get powerful results
with the latest technology

Stay ahead of the pack by exploiting the most up-to-date technology in enterprise solutions. We’ll bring you all the benefits of the latest innovations and make them work for your organisation, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Every day we use our knowledge and experience to support organisations as they adopt and use AI. We combine the power of AI, machine learning, and data science so you can stay on top of your business. Whether you want to analyse and process data using straightforward AI models, or completely redesign the way work flows around your organisation, we can help.

  • Image Analysis

    Leveraging our experience across deep learning and computer vision, we produce image analysis solutions that are adjusted to your individual industrial requirements. Drawing on a powerful array of programming languages, structures, libraries, and platforms, we bring you specialised software that can automatically recognise faces, visualise robotically, detect events, analyse medical images, read optical characters and inspect complex visuals.

  • Big Data

    However, much data you generate every day, hour or second, we can make sense of it with first-class visualisation. Our big data services make it possible to collate and combine huge datasets from any number of sources and transform it into discovery, graphs, and assessments. Our services can speed your business decisions for better business outcomes, all based on the power of big data.

  • Internet Of Things

    We study your organisation’s needs and sectoral priorities to provide IoT software that lets you exploit our brave new interconnected world. We’re experts in all things smart: from tailor-made solutions for smart tools and appliances to larger-scale designs for connected homes and cities. With our focus on IoT security, we make sure all organisation and user data undergoes secure processing, distribution and storage via a reliable IoT platform.

Data analytics services

For prompt, information-driven decision making:

  • Reporting and visualisation
  • Data warehouse migration
  • Data analysis fulfilment

Four reasons to make E‑ngineers your
enterprise software development partner

Our priority is offering our clients long-term collaboration. We work with businesses to improve the way they scope their projects, provide benefits via onsite or remote partnership and redefine collaboration models depending on requirements and opportunities.

  • Technology Consulting

    The consulting process lies at the heart of everything we do. Got an idea you'd like to put in place or a challenge you need to tackle? With E‑ngineers, you benefit from a free, pre-project pathfinding consultation as well as qualified tech support every step of the way.

  • Fluent In Business

    If you’re facing a challenge around how to manage the way content flows around your organisation, a wrinkle in a process or a gremlin in comms, we can go deep inside your ecosystem to provide a resolution. Let our experienced business analysts find an answer to your business needs that addresses sectoral and business-specific features.

  • Not Just A Pretty Interface

    Our solutions go beyond a delightful interface and compelling UX. We focus on risk management and achieve it via outstanding architectural design and a strong, stable solution that combines simplicity and good value as time goes on.

  • Scalable Teams

    Our numerous specialists mean we are more than capable of running projects that need dedicated development teams requiring same-time tasks on different software, platforms and technologies. We can scale resource up and down as the project requires. If you need them, we can even handle the integration of delegated specialists into your IT department.

Featured Works

  • Banking services package customisation engine

    Well integrated with the relevant modules of Misys Equation, the bank’s core system, our customisation engine offers customers a way to select a range of banking services and personalise their experience, instead of receiving a pre-set service package.

  • Financial community portal

    An innovative digital space with social trading and portfolio management capabilities, where rich online banking functionality is easily customized with the use of a visual Drag & Drop interface to accommodate both beginners and experienced traders.

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