Engineering the E-business!

We engineer modern systems and design optimum IT solutions
to suit your ambitions and targets! Outsourcing of software
development to E-ngineers is a win-win situation.


What We Do

Our main goal is the continuous innovation of e-business services, products and processes. We listen carefully to our customers to optimize the profit of their IT activities. We take a thorough approach to consulting and guide the customer through the different phases.
We design and implement Web, Mobile and Desktop applications. We do it as a project or set up a team that works in Agile at a long-term. In whatever form we collaborate, we allow users to benefit from additional competence, new technologies and higher quality.
We deliver DevOps projects where we facilitate the management of business tasks and IT flows. We harmonize and automate the IT processes of customers to increase their effectiveness and deliver real value.

What’s new?

Outside the box: How one man’s outsourcing experience can make a difference

What does it mean to work in distributed teams? How is it structured? What is important, what is critical and where to pay attention to? In this article you can find some hints and tips on this topic.

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Fear of missing out and microservices: why and when to switch

Microservice architecture has many advantages. You and your team are eager to come under its benefit. A switch to micro services can be drastic for your company. Is this switchover not underestimated? What should you think ...

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Working from home: from lonely stranger to holy grail?

Working from home was often a topic of discussion, does this really suit our company? Is productivity not going down? And then came Corona and guess what? Employee productivity often increased. Working from home is “here to stay”.

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We commit ourselves to our clients to deliver
the best of our competences!

& Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical Analysis
Software Engineering
& Development
  • Code programming
  • Code revision/ renovation
  • Deployment & integration
Quality Assurance
& Maintenance
  • Application testing
  • Maintenance and support
  • End-user documentation and training

Result-oriented and cost-saving outsourcing

How do you keep up with the growing demand for software?
What is important when outsourcing software development?
Where are your benefits if you use IT outsourcing?
What is important to know about costs when working with us?