Internet of Things

Billions of electronic appliances, from ordinary household devices to sophisticated industrial tools, monitor our environment and automate tasks to improve our daily lives. These interconnected devices and their protocols are all part of the Internet of Things, which is increasingly influencing how we live.

More and more devices are being added to IoT ecosystem everyday

Internet of Things Ecosystem
  • Smart Cities
  • Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Water Management
  • Building Management
  • Logistics
  • Environment

Engineering IoT services

  • IoT App Development

    E‑ngineers provides internet of things development services, delivering tailored apps that exploit the capacity of linked devices to make life easier and take organisations to the next level with next-generation IoT products.

  • Back-End Engineering

    Our back-end solutions enable apps to monitor and exchange data with devices via sector-leading and tailored protocols, while offering end-to-end encryption at every link in the chain.

  • Extension Into IoT

    We broaden current organisation and consumer solutions into IoT, turning linked, widespread devices and gadgets into effective resources that spur consumer engagement or oversee and control crucial information.

How do IoT system works

  • Connected Devices
    Any appliances, devices, sensors
  • Communication Tier
    WiFi, Bluetooth, REST, ZigBee, NFC, etc.
  • Ingestion Tier
    Infrastructure management and data storage
  • Analytics Tier
    Data processing and analytics
  • RESTful API
  • Connected Enterprise
    App / Web App / Mobile App
  • End-User Tier

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