Digital Engagement

E‑ngineers offers media and comms solutions that bring your users an outstanding digital experience. We build tailored solutions for real-time communication, digital signage, video streaming, conferencing, marketing and experiential activity.

Digital engagement solutions
for media contentment

  • Video Platforms

    E‑ngineers offers extensive experience in media content. Backed by 20 years of expertise, we use innovative systems to create tailored OOT platforms, online video platforms, and video platforms on any device, including Apple TV and Android TV.

  • WebRTC

    E‑ngineers are experts in real-time online communication, from voice calls and video communication to chat and screen and file-sharing. We can leverage WebRTC to develop tailored healthcare solutions as well as web and mobile apps to help people communicate effectively and efficiently and make better decisions.

  • Digital Signage

    E‑ngineers' specialists design tailored software solutions for engaging digital signage, with dynamic playlists to keep your content fresh, whether static or scheduled. We create Content Management System (CMS) extensions so your digital signage combines scheduling, revisions, editing and auto-playback functionality. Attract your target audience instantly with flawless visual content.

Transformational scalabilityA fan-first philosophy

Tomorrow’s world will be shaped by a combination of technical innovation and sustainability. With consumers enjoying myriad streaming possibilities, viewers are in the driving seat, with sports, media and entertainment providers competing to capture and retain their custom.

There’s a pressing need to gain credibility among viewers, give them material that meets their expectations and offer a fully individualised service. E‑ngineers’ digital engagement expertise makes it possible to identify patterns in and explain consumer behaviour, bringing technology solutions that provide genuinely scalable digital evolution.

What we can do for you

The expectations of viewers, subscription holders and streamers are growing just as fast as technical innovation. That’s why taking a value-based perspective is vital. Our experience in design, platform engineering, digital, development, implementation and evaluation can help you raise your game to match heightened consumer expectations.

  • Increasing Subscriber Retention

    The public has a dizzying variety of streaming content at their fingertips, and with both new entrants and established firms competing for their eyeballs, retaining consumers has never been so difficult or expensive. We leverage predictive analysis to support our clients in distinguishing and implementing the possibilities surrounding user experience, individualisation, platform look and feel, together with other aspects of subscriber retention, to drive success.

  • A Customisable Platform

    Make specialised platforms that they’ll remember, and users will return to your service and even refer their friends and family. Let E‑ngineers’ specialists create and implement integrated platforms that exploit artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, predictive analytics and user and customer experience, to deliver exciting new methods to capture your digital target audience.

  • Inspiring New Models

    Digital has created myriad points of potential interaction for movies, art, streaming, gaming, marketing, sporting events, music, print and publishing. Predictive analysis allows us to give our customers a head start in anticipating audience needs, weigh commercial possibilities, discover new income streams, advance engagement and seize new opportunities.

  • The Future of Fandom

    Whether cheering on their heroes in the stadium or studio audience, or watching on the big screen in a town square or on TV at home, today’s fans demand a sense of community from their favourite teams, franchises and shows. A sense of kinship with sporting personalities and superstar artists and actors is now a non-negotiable, and our professional team of strategy, technology and analytics experts can help you appeal to audiences via genuinely immersive experiences.

Featured works

  • Remote team management platform

    A collaboration portal designed for connecting experts, who are looking for interesting new projects on the market, with companies in need of niche, exclusive or temporary specialists. The platform provides a complete integrated payment solution, as well as progress and task management systems.

  • Digital signage management system

    Cloud-based digital signage management solution allows its users to leverage the benefits of the new generation of signage technology. The system features video player software and content management system.

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