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Digital signage management system

Cloud-based digital signage management solution allows its users to leverage the benefits of the new generation of signage technology. The system features video player software and content management system.


Nowadays business owners and advertisers increasingly seek customer engagement through modern formats like digital screens. Being an established leader in traditional advertising in the region, the client needed to diversify their service offerings and embrace digital signage technology.


Digital signage is used not only to replace traditional signage, but also to create unique immersive context-dependent customer experiences. To help our client achieve these goals we designed and developed a complex digital signage solution.

The system includes two essential components: a digital signage player and a cloud-based content management system (CMS). The player utility controls the screens and allows to connect almost any screen model to the system. The CMS contains a variety of functions to cover all digital signage needs. It includes screen management with connectivity indication, built-in graphic editor, content playlists with scheduling functions and flexible user access control.

Built-in graphic editor enables the use of a variety of content elements. Clock, calendar and weather widgets increase context awareness, while social media and news feeds provide additional informativity and multi-channel brand engagement.

Digital signage player is built on React to connect with CMS through Laravel REST API. CMS uses Centrifugo message broker, Redis storage for system data and Sonar services for external APIs.


  • React
  • Laravel REST API
  • Redis
  • Sonar
  • Centrifugo

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