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We enable ecommerce firms to increase income and build a target audience via the perfect blend of omnichannel activity, customer-centered solutions, and user insight tools.

Comprehensive solutions
for expansive ecommerce

Combining our experience in IT and ecommerce, we support firms in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, and wholesale sectors delight customers, grow sales and diversify their user base. We design ecommerce and collaboration solutions that blend form and function to help make your business outstanding.

  • Online Stores

    We bring online retail to any device, with coupon or drop shipping portals to give your customers the same great shopping experience wherever they are. As a past master in ecommerce, we can build multifaceted online store capability for any sector, from fast-moving consumer or capital goods, takeaway meals, media distribution, commerce or government services.

  • B2C Marketplaces

    We create marketplaces with language and currency options to support uninterrupted contact between myriad B2C firms and their customers. By developing ecommerce, we make it possible for clients to best position and control their products and services, while giving customers the ability to access complete catalogues via a single portal instantaneously.

  • B2B Portals

    We develop feature-rich B2B portals to bring together all interested parties, including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and their subsidiaries, to a single base of operations. Our offering supports businesses in establishing and leading secure international trade across multiple channels, develop collaboration, introduce winning products and work with other firms around the world.

  • Collaboration Platforms

    We can make it possible for individuals and teams to connect with and sell their services to people and businesses around the world via freelancer and crowdsourcing platforms. Our solutions allow close collaboration through team management essentials like project dashboards, workflow deadlines and status alerts. Through the marketplace, it’s also possible to share files and send messages, virtual real-time discussion via voice and video calls, and offer end customers the opportunity to pay in their own currency.

Unleash tailored ecommerce solutions

Whether you need a brand new service or improved features to boost your existing solution, we can help you manage and make the most of your online store.

  • Add To Basket

    We can build and implement payment solutions, from virtual baskets to point of sale systems and e‑wallets.

  • Everything In Stock

    We can weave inventory management into your online store so stock will never run out, and your customers can keep buying.

  • ERP Integration

    We can introduce ERP to your systems for better data flow, meaning you benefit from smoother workflow processes.

  • Product Info Management

    Our ecommerce solutions fully support your product information management system, so you can effectively categorise, catalogue and position products through any distribution channel.

  • Marketing & Sales

    Through integration with CRM, we harness sophisticated analysis and reporting systems to boost the work of your marketing team, sales force and customer care personnel.

  • Warehousing & Logistics

    Make sure your logistics and warehousing system is effective and efficient with a tailored solution that optimises your stock and routes products promptly.

Grow your ecommerce business
with expert services

  • Ecommerce Consulting

    On top of ecommerce solutions, we provide guidance and advisory support services to help organisations gain better ecommerce outcomes over time. We provide these businesses with a future-proof ecommerce roadmap, backed up with the right technology package.

    What we offer

    • Set up a data-led ecommerce strategy
    • Identify the ecommerce solution that's right for your organisation, through business analysis
    • Evaluate a range of ecommerce solutions, to gauge their efficacy for users and managers
    • Choose the right ecommerce solutions to move into different markets and appeal to new audiences
    • Assess the suitability of ecommerce systems for internal and external users
  • Ecommerce Audit

    To demonstrate whether your results are matching up with your ecommerce aspirations, we offer a rigorous audit of your ecommerce landscape. Our audit toolkit makes it possible to identify and eradicate any inconsistencies within your ecommerce offer.

    What we offer

    • Examine the make-up of your solution’s technical architecture
    • Evaluate the way internal and external users interact with your solution
    • Discover in your ecommerce security, from customer verification and information data, to how customers order and pay online
    • Assess ecommerce search and filter capability
    • Procedures to assess your ecommerce performance and reliability
  • Ecommerce Optimisation

    Gain workable recommendations and professional support to implement them following the ecommerce audit. We’ll show you how to boost your ecommerce system and enhance the level of management and support.

    What we offer

    • Put in place recovery functionality for abandoned baskets
    • Add new features to turn visitors into buyers to improve your reputation
    • Implement advanced search, sort and filter functionality for greater customer convenience
    • Set up B2C collaboration and gamification functionality
    • Engage potential buyers through redefining your ecommerce system

Smart ecommerce that works

Beyond core ecommerce systems, we help you beat the chasing pack by combining ecommerce with the latest technologies.

  • M-Commerce

    As well as physical and web presences, today’s customers expect a mobile offering. E‑ngineers can help you on your m-commerce journey by putting in place phone-based functionality from the ground up or by improving your current m-commerce service.

    • Address-based m-commerce
    • Mobile purchases
    • Location-based apps for finding items in stores and keeping track of products in real time
    • Social ecommerce to provide the same look and feel across all social networking sites
    • Dispatch apps
  • Smart Commerce

    From physical stores to online presences and even warehouses, we can support the implementation of ecommerce systems based on the Internet of Things. We combine our ecommerce experience with insights into connected device networks to provide ecommerce systems that reach your customers as individuals, wherever they are.

    • IoT systems for instant purchases using smart appliances in the kitchen and beyond
    • Tailored wearable ecommerce apps IoT purchase portals
    • IoT purchase portals
    • Sensors and alerts for efficient proximity-based marketing
    • Control warehouse stock with the Internet of Things
  • Intelligent Customer Care

    Combining artificial intelligence and ecommerce projects, we raise the profile of your goods and services in an omnichannel world. We replace outdated keyword search with a superior purchase roadmap for your customers.

    • AI store helpers and chat functionality
    • Smarter product search via trusted recommendations
    • Virtual stores and demo stands
    • Displays and kiosks your customers can interact with
    • Smart systems for user-led supply chain management
  • Ecommerce Analytics

    With systems that analyse ecommerce data, we accelerate your ecommerce growth. We help leverage big data to efficiently convert visitors to buyers and raise their average spend.

    • Collate data to identify and categorise your user profiles
    • Use sales data analysis to predict the market, with dynamic pricing to match peaks in demand
    • Analyse customer sentiment to better understand their needs
    • Anticipate customer behaviour through sophisticated ecommerce analysis
    • Learn and exceed customer expectations thanks to advanced reporting systems

Data analytics services

For prompt, information-driven decision making:

  • Reporting and visualisation
  • Data warehouse migration
  • Data analysis fulfilment

Technologies we use

To create a full-fledged IT ecosystem, we leverage powerful solutions with a successful track record in the ecommerce space. This makes it possible to elevate the management and processing of customers, resources and orders to the next stage.

Featured Works

  • Marketing asset marketplace

    A multi-use system that combines all the functions necessary for the management, ordering and production of branded promotional assets, both physical point-of-sale materials and digital media.

  • Sporting goods e-commerce platform

    A regional sporting goods online store integrated with product information management software system to support a new website design and a range of promotional and product management features on the backend.

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