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Marketing asset marketplace

A multi-use system that combines all the functions necessary for the management, ordering and production of branded promotional assets, both physical point-of-sale materials and digital media.


Every brand faces the need to create, order and produce brand assets and marketing materials through a dispersed network of vendors and contractors, as well as to manage existing brand assets and analyze their performance. Since the manual management of the asset library and supply chains is time-consuming and prone to errors, this process needs to be automated.


The platform offers one-stop solution for all brands asset needs: an asset marketplace that connects brands to trusted vendors and an integrated asset management system. The asset management system includes a cloud-based asset library, brand portals, asset approval workflows and flexible user access control. Brand owners can manage supply chains and campaign budgets, as well as track asset performance. The marketplace allows brand managers and other brand representatives to order branded promotional materials from service providers approved by brand owners. Both modules include analytic dashboards with usage and order statistics.


  • Java SE 15
  • Spring Framework
  • Elasticsearch
  • Postgres
  • React + Redux

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