Mobile app development iOS Android Cross-platform

Our extensive mobile app expertise means we produce mobile applications for an array of sectors and users, from SMEs to multinationals.

An open perspective is essential when developing mobile application solutions

The sheer variety of mobile devices out there and the new ways users engage with them via apps demands it. Mobile applications are set to play an ever-increasing part in the lives of more and more people across the globe, whether they’re playing games, accessing banking services, tracking their steps or messaging friends.

  • iOS App Development

    We use Swift and Objective C to create our best-in-class tailored mobile applications. We quality assure and run the debugging process via automated testing. We also commit to prompt and seamless submission and approval at the App Store itself.

    We’ve developed solutions whole Apple range: mobile apps for iPhone and iWatch, and tvOS for Apple TV.

  • Android App Development

    When producing Android-native applications, Java and Kotlin are our tools of choice. This means our solutions are accessible on smartphones, tablets, IoT wearables and any other tool or appliance that runs Android OS.

  • Cross-Platform

    User needs come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve built up expertise in developing mobile apps for multiple platforms. Creating solutions on cross-platform frameworks such as React-native and Xamarin shortens your time to market and can help get those all-important downloads flowing.

Featured Works

  • Marketing asset marketplace

    A multi-use system that combines all the functions necessary for the management, ordering and production of branded promotional assets, both physical point-of-sale materials and digital media.

  • Remote team management platform

    A collaboration portal designed for connecting experts, who are looking for interesting new projects on the market, with companies in need of niche, exclusive or temporary specialists. The platform provides a complete integrated payment solution, as well as progress and task management systems.

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