Software Engineering

Delivering brilliant ideas, proficient design, efficient development and a dash of our distinctive working culture. Together we create and apply custom solutions to meet your exact needs.

We bring your
software product alive

If you need an optimal tailored software solution, E‑ngineers’ blend of deep knowledge and wide network of highly focused expert development teams form your commercial benefit. Our developers work under continuous budget follow-up to provide brilliant ideas, proficient design, efficient development and a dash of our distinctive working culture.

From websites to mobile apps
and sophisticated server systems

Working with us is a meeting of minds. We’ll work with you to create your model, websites, intuitive mobile app, or any other deliverable you need that requires best-in-class development. We have sufficient scale to resolve almost any spec or software development solution.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    We supply turnkey solutions adapted to your needs

  • Efficient Costs

    Foreseeable, efficient costs against pre-arranged requirements

  • High Demand

    We can scale to meet high demand – ideal when your team lacks capacity to deal with extra work


  • Discovery

    Ahead of the development process, we agree the initial span and concept. Once we determine your needs and objectives, we can settle budgets and schedules.

    • Goal
    • Specifications
    • Evaluation
    • Pitch
  • Production

    Armed with your spec, or one we’ve developed together, our production experts begin working on the product with close attention to our plan and pre-arranged schedule. We offer several pricing structures: target budget, fixed cost or T&M, it is up to you to choose.

    • Development
    • Process
    • Dialogue
  • Testing

    To avoid insufficient testing and feedback, we typically combine manual and automated quality assurance, and set up feedback dialogue systems with you to deliver error-proof software.

    • Manual QA
    • Automated QA
    • Feedback
  • Delivery

    E‑ngineers can support you with DevOps-related procedures when your product is ready to launch. We can ensure your new app is available for download or on specified servers as needed.

    • DevOps
    • Deployment
    • App Store

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