Outline your concept, name your technology, define your problem - we'll drive the IT.

Our experts can help you turn the ignition, move your project through the gears and accelerate delivery.

The world is changing
and demand is growing

How do you review your existing approach while trialing new concepts fast? When do you throw caution to the wind and pilot something where you lack technical knowledge? Sometimes it’s about bringing together a team of all the talents – others, just a couple of key persons can prove the most effective way to upscale your processes and products. If you’re seeking technology excellence driven by a competent team, make E‑ngineers your trusted partner.

Technology excellence for/in every service

  • Launching new concepts & ideas

    Launching new concepts, transforming business and seizing opportunities in new digital paradigms are challenging whether you’re a start-up or a traditional firm – only those skilled in reinvention will see their market share skyrocket.Whether it’s analysing trends, or deciding on prototypes, concepts and the best way forward, our commitment to continuous support in achieving your objectives is our greatest strength.
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  • Software Engineering

    The difference between good and great software engineering boils down to professionalism, commitment and a readiness to share risks.We deliver software engineering excellence, with superior services and solutions that turn your business problems into world-beating solutions. Our core strength lies in designing software products from the ground up.Our end-to-end software engineering services and on-demand teams and resources can help you achieve digital transformation and product development across your business.
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  • Team Extension

    Software engineering and consulting in new approaches is impossible without a capable team or outstanding individual. E‑ngineers has realised hundreds of projects and concepts over the years, so we understand the value that both team-extension and end-to-end teams bring to our clients.We have the tools to tackle your toughest business challenges, and we can supply qualified talent to fill the gap between your idea and real-world success.
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  • Enterprise Software Development

    Making the most of your enterprise apps with a connected software ecosystem or diversified team of developers. We provide a complete range of services around applications, from concept to execution to tech support, together with flexible engagement models and project requirements.
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Complete set of services

  • Analysis &

    • Consulting
    • MVP & Prototyping
    • Technical analysis & Architecture
    • Prove of Concept
  • Product & Solution

    • Design
    • Software Engineering
    • QA & Testing
    • Deployment & Integration
  • Maintenance
    & Enhancement

    • SLA & Enhancement
    • End-User Documentation & Training
    • Code Refactoring
    • Reengineering

New approaches,
ideas and tools

We don’t just use tried-and-tested methodology - most often, we adopt an agile approach to apply, model, sample and pilot to produce the app you need. We love to launch new kinds of structural approaches, procedures and ideas.

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Why E‑ngineers

  • Proactive approach and cooperation with business
  • Fast setup and organization of remote and distributed teams
  • Experience in working with start-ups and fast growing companies
  • Quick access to additional knowledge and resources when required
  • Ability to cover complete application/ product life-cycle
  • Engage proven tech experts in your field of operation

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