We are proficient in highly effective Custom Software Development
& DevOps projects implementation for Banking & Trading,
Telecom, Logistics, B2B systems, E-commerce and Retail.


Our consulting services help clients to assess different strategies, create modern business concepts and apply advance IT techniques. We are glad to perform consulting as an initial part of further Development or DevOps implementation or as completely independent projects.

Technical Analysis

Business Analysis


Functional Design

Data Analytics Services

Data analytics services for prompt, information-driven decision making. Reporting and visualisation. Data warehouse migration. Data analysis fulfilment.

Our customers appreciate
the quality of our service

We have sound experience in the creation of advanced tools for management, inspection & tracking, independent portals, mobile and tablet solutions and innovative social business concepts.

Software Development

We build Web, Mobile and Desktop applications

Front End Development

We consider Front End Development as a primary tool to create real Value-Added-Services for our clients. Consequently, we engineer customer Apps with the main focus to optimize profit from their on-line operations. Our applications are functional, interactive, stylish and with the ease of use. We provide full spectrum of complex Front End Development.

Custom Software System Development

While Front End Development is our core, we also master the projects of implementing complete applications. Our team lends its expertise at all levels, be it Front End, Middleware, Back End Development for creating effective and high-performance software systems. We offer one stop IT system development from Requirements to Production.

Our Software Development Service Offer Includes

Specification & Requirements


Code Review & Development

Deployment & Integration

QA & Maintenance

End User Docs & Training

Digital Engagement

Solutions for real-time communication, digital signage, video streaming, conferencing, marketing and experiential activity.

Innovative methods, concepts and technologies

We apply traditional and more often agile methods for implementing, modelling, prototyping and to test and maximize the results for creating a desired app. We like to introduce new architectural approaches, techniques and concepts.

DevOps Implementation

This has become a new, challenging and interesting area for us. Due to extensive experience in working with different companies their various business and IT processes, our specialists are ready to help you even with complex projects that require recommendations for making changes to the customer development processes. We are experts of bridging the gap between IT operations and development by introducing and complying DevOps practices. We help our clients to apply the best DevOps practices.
Automation of tasks related to deployments of custom software developed or system software deployments, configurations and etc.
Building up monitoring tools to control development and properly react to various emergency situations.
Implementation of continuous automated processes for software development and operating: Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery.