Launching new concepts & ideas

Start-ups as they grapple with greater competition and shorter launch windows than ever before and stay committed to partnership thought they whole product life-cycle.

Traditional businesses when they need to act like start-ups and align with digitalisation – the new normal in global IT.

The businesses may look different, but both need to combine speed with quality without being held back by limited skillsets.

Every problem has a solution

  • When concept prototyping and
    MVP are in need

    Turning an idea into a fully-fledged product without spending a fortune can often feel like mission impossible. That’s where E‑ngineers has helped hundreds of companies – both start-ups looking to launch, and established firms seeking to exploit their digital potential. We can help transform your concept into an MVP you can demonstrate both to future customers and leaders inside or outside your business, leading to lift-off for a new product or solution.
  • When new digital is
    transformed traditional

    To achieve success in highly competitive and complex environments, it’s not enough to move fast and break things. Businesses need to be smart, too – bringing investment under control and supporting new concepts internally. Tracking trends, gaining guidance on transformation, and adopting ideas and examples from other markets are key to future business success. E‑ngineers can help business owners turn their vision into new automated solutions.
  • When migration isn’t an option, audit your existing solution from a fresh perspective

    Sometimes even the best software product or solution needs more than a redesign or UX flavour. A proper market review, audit and rebuild can ensure future success. E‑ngineers is here to help you create one or more prototypes to test the market and prove the concept ahead of future re-launch.

Service across the whole
product/solution lifecycle

When you’ve proven your concept, choose E‑ngineers to create end-to-end IT solutions for your business. We are here to develop a modern, marketable product, scale it up, operate service level agreements and produce new versions.

Get ready for lift-off and benefit from

  • Cutting development costs by 60% while keeping time to market expectations
  • Improve IT operations by scaling up and down at your own pace
  • Set up your startup not only for launch success but continuity
  • Enhance UX and lift your applications and products
  • Gain a proven digital concept and turn it into life

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