E‑ngineers’ development methodology promotes a result-oriented collaborative approach and ensures superior customer service, without affecting quality and cost. We are always enhancing our methodology to exceed client expectations through optimal development operations that lead to optimal results.

We combine leading sectoral practices spanning from the traditional Waterfall model to modern Agile methodologies.

Delivering projects with mixed teams

We have been working in projects that see teams based all over the world. The best distributed development enhances business agility and gives more capacity to beat the competition, but there can be major challenges too. It’s important for us to:

  • Communicate Clearly & Unambiguously

    Across different countries, time zones, languages and / or cultures

  • Manage All Aspects Of The Software Development Lifecycle

    Needs analysis, change and assets, tests, coding – in a fully distributed environment.

  • Use All Our Experience

    To prevent overlaps and conflicting delivery terms.

Distributed team patterns at E‑ngineers

  • Common Community

    • Online PM tool
    • Wiki and blogs
    • Shared mailbox and folder
  • Total Alignment

    • Aligned technologies
    • Aligned tools
    • Engineering best practice
  • Transparent Comms

    • Sprint planning
    • Sprint review
    • Daily standups
    • Retrospectives

Agile for distributed development

  • The Agile helps to work collaboratively with the client and to ensure the vision, business targets, and user needs are met and ensures that all remote teams work to deliver priority features first.
  • Sprint reviews makes ensured to review newly-delivered features and share feedback.
  • Continuous integration sets up regular collaborative touchpoints between all remote teams, making it easy to solve problems as they crop up.
  • Test-driven development supports the simplest design with good test coverage, while preventing the creation of additional features not needed by the product owner.
  • Refactoring promotes an evolutionary design ethos and supports teams in tackling architectural problems.

Key benefits for you

  • Strong Project & Process Management

    A comprehensive provider of software engineering deployments covering the entire IT lifecycle, E‑ngineers has the varied technical competences needed to assure the end-to-end delivery of projects at scale using a range of technologies and approaches.

  • In-Depth Requirements Analysis

    At E‑ngineers we believe the discovery phase is vital to make sure the final product fully meets your expectations. Our business analysts identify the most straightforward way to get what you need, while project managers find the right development methodology and collaboration models and build the most effective project team, and tech experts focus on feasibility and choose the right technologies for the job.

  • Thorough Quality

    Our quality assurance team owns quality assurance throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle of the project. We consider the project size when allocating QA Engineers and define a QA timetable so we can make sure our involvement happens at the right time to control project costs. Despite fully independent of their duties, our QA experts work closely with our development team to highlight any emerging issues.

  • Knowledge To Build On

    Since our founding in 2007, we have developed a knowledge base on the back of hundreds of completed projects. We implement the best approaches to achieve maximum performance and quality in our projects, preventing needless complexity and optimising both budget and timing.

  • Devops & Continuous Delivery

    We deploy DevOps to target alignment between development and operations. Looking at your DevOps needs, we can automate end-to-end delivery operations while making sure your infrastructure is both scalable and secure.

  • Transparent Communication

    Transparency lets E‑ngineers and our clients see that we are on the right path to meet your goals. If we find bottlenecks or blockages, we can quickly identify and remove them. That is why from project launch we produce a custom communication plan for all relevant levels, from the core team to management stakeholders.

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