Team Extension

E‑ngineers' Extended Teams can increase your development capacity by adding software developers and related technical specialists to your existing pool of employees, to collaborate together.

Enhance your existing competence
with the expertise you need

E‑ngineers can increase your development capacity by adding software developers and related technical specialists to your existing pool of employees, to collaborate together. Your teams operate out of E‑ngineers’ corporate sites while communicating with your organisation.

  • Project-Based Team Augmentation

    It’s common for projects in progress to require extra manpower, technical knowledge or sector-specific experience. in this situation, E‑ngineers’ professionals can bridge the gaps in your project needs by working within your standard ways of working, reporting to a project manager in your organisation. E‑ngineers provides mature, robust and well-managed expert teams that can respond to any gaps in your organisation's technical competence, adding support in cases where meeting all requirements when commencing the project isn’t possible.

  • End-To-End Teams

    When you need to upskill your engineering or R&D division or ensure product development, full-cycle development teams are the answer. With our end-to-end Teams solution, founders and CEOs retain control over skills, fees and organisation, without having to rely on third-party providers.

  • Product Development Extended
    With Remote Team

    When you need support from an experienced development team to produce a new IT solution, E‑ngineers can provide it. Our service offer comprises consulting, continuous delivery, enterprise analytics, software engineering, QA, digital and business intelligence. Our specialists provide essential products to meet your market specifications. In helping create, engineer and provide sophisticated solutions that your customers enjoy and benefit from, we can accelerate your business growth.

End-To-End Teams set-up and operation

  • Formation

    • Needs and requirements analysis
    • Project definition, knowledge mapping
    • Worker sifting and recruitment
  • Initiation

    • Team set-up
    • Ecosystem, functions, organisation set-up
    • Operation and approach description
    • Communication operations setup
    • Project launch
  • Operation

    • Process evaluation and change
    • Optimal efficiency accomplished and sustained
    • Team up- and downscaling
    • Expertise assimilation and sharing

E‑ngineers extended expertise pool

  • Niche technology and domain experts on-boarded when you require them
  • Horizon scanning and implementation of sectoral ways of working and technological innovations
  • Experience in a range of domains
  • Proprietary methodology and operations knowledge
  • Experts carefully chosen to meet your personal project requirements
  • Joined-up collaboration, transparency & full oversight into progress
  • Site visits/presence when you need
  • Deep feeling for your business

Why extend your team
with E‑ngineers?

Stay ahead of the pack by exploiting the most up-to-date technology in enterprise solutions. We’ll bring you all the benefits of the latest innovations and make them work for your organisation, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

  • Competence

    A comprehensive provider of software engineering deployments covering the entire IT lifecycle, E‑ngineers has the varied technical competences needed to assure the end-to-end delivery of projects at scale using a range of technologies and approaches.

  • Scalability

    With E‑ngineers, you can onboard a single dedicated programmer immediately, or form a whole team in as little as 2-4 weeks. We offer the capacity to increase or decrease team numbers with project requirements, and bring in specialists when needed.

  • Continuity

    Long-standing operations boasting specialised solution expertise, retention and management makes it possible for E‑ngineers to hand over accumulated project experience to both new joiners and, on project delivery, the client.

  • Environment

    E‑ngineers possesses the capability to set up discrete project infrastructure as well as specific virtual work environments and office space for software project teams working for individual clients.

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