QA & Testing

E‑ngineers provides a broad array of software QA and testing services that comply with the latest security and industry standards. We can improve your product, reduce its time to market and minimise risk and overheads by deploying professional testing routines, deep QA experience and staffing flexibility.

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We do it all

  • Desktop

    E‑ngineers’ QA specialists can establish whether your desktop apps run effectively and efficiently via testing services that encompass the whole landscape, from front-end interface testing to back-end data validation. Our perfectionism and eye for detail mean your desktop application will be:

    • Reliable
    • Interoperable
    • Accessible on any device
  • Web

    We offer testing services for a plethora of web applications, from SaaS or cloud-based solutions to content management systems. We customise testing to your requirements to make sure your web app will work with all major browsers and provide best-in-class:

    • Usability
    • Functionality
  • Mobile

    E‑ngineers are past masters at testing mobile apps to demonstrate how reliable, compatible, efficient and user friendly they are. We can make sure they work across all platforms and devices, whatever the maker or form factor. Our mobile application testing services offer great outcomes such as:

    • More stable apps
    • More efficient operation
    • Accelerated time-to-market

IoT testing

When testing IoT solutions, we look at their potential to gather, trade, and encrypt data, as well as their appeal to users. Just as important, we can inspect connected systems and any information security risks, including hard-coded device access codes and unsuccessful firmware updates. We offer a whole range of IoT testing services.

  • Wi-Fi testing: cellular, BLE, Wi-Fi, LoRa, LPWAN, WPAN, proximity
  • Infrastructure as a Service and object storage service testing
  • Information security and sync
  • Power cell testing
  • Asset monitoring

QA & Testing as a service

Whatever your preferred methodology, E‑ngineers’ QA and testing experts can add value right across your app from start to finish. We can advise and collaborate with your current QA teams, bring you ready-to-go testing solutions and launch a project rescue mission wherever you are on the software development journey:

Project Rescue

  • Technology
    • Consulting
  • Software
    • Prototype Testing
  • Professional
    • Implementation Testing

Regression Testing

  • Requirements
    • Requirements Testing
  • Software
    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Test Automation
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Documentation Testing
    • Pre-Certification
  • Support &
    • Issue Management
    • Root Cause Analysis

From Quality Assurance and Audit
to Project Rescue

At every step of your project, we can add value to your product and application development timeline. E‑ngineers can support your release by finding and reporting bugs as part of our rigorous QA and testing service. If you’re facing an emergency, we can perform a project audit to get you back on track, plus additional support and optimisation where needed.

  • Comprehensive Testing

    We conduct QA and testing at every point on the development roadmap, from integration testing, regression testing, black/white box testing, environment testing, performance testing, stress testing, localization testing and user acceptance testing support.

  • Project Rescue

    At E‑ngineers, we have lots of experience in the rescue of projects that have stalled partway through the lifecycle. Going forward, E‑ngineers produce practical recommendations, drawing on our expertise to promptly locate risks and tighten up the code and solution improvements.

  • Project Enhancement

    E‑ngineers offers ongoing SLA and enhancement services aimed at future-proofing your software, ensuring it operates efficiently and effectively from launch onwards.

Featured Works

  • Virtual PBX Management Portal

    A web IP private branch exchange management system (Advoco NetPBX) that is intended to be used by both service providers and end customers (tenants) to control private telephone networks. This cloud-based solution can be repackaged by service providers to be offered under their own brands for Swedish and global customers.

  • Digital signage management system

    Cloud-based digital signage management solution allows its users to leverage the benefits of the new generation of signage technology. The system features video player software and content management system.

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