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Virtual PBX
Management Portal

A web IP private branch exchange management system (Advoco NetPBX) that is intended to be used by both service providers and end customers (tenants) to control private telephone networks. This cloud-based solution can be repackaged by service providers to be offered under their own brands for Swedish and global customers.


The client needed to migrate old PBX functionality that had been developed with C++ and DCOM to a new .NET web application, as well as create a range of new modern functions for the latter. The resulting system was designed to fit the needs of service providers and end users of telephone exchange systems.


The legacy components were either replicated in .NET or integrated into the new application. As a result was created Advoco NetPBX®, a cloud-based solution that is repackaged by service providers to be offered under their own brands for their Swedish and global customers, who are mostly small and medium businesses.

Advoco NetPBX delivers phone services via existing broadband and mobile network. It is not bound by specific mobile operators and is compatible with any operator the customer uses. In addition, it can handle multi-operator networks. The application covers the needs of two user roles, service providers and end users (tenants).

Service providers use the branded web portal for system administration and management. It has the following functionality:

  • Overview of current tenants and their numbers
  • Ability to select and reserve a pool of numbers for a tenant
  • Management of tenant administrators’ credentials
  • Portal design customization with layout, color theme, language options
  • News announcements used to notify tenants about new features or promotions
  • Notifications for warning tenants about system maintenance and other critical information
  • Knowledge base with tutorials for tenants

Tenants use the system to monitor and manage corporate networks with the following functionality:

  • PBX constructor, a tool for assigning phone numbers to specific users or groups
  • Welcome message configuration
  • User and access management
  • Call redirection based on a user’s calendar occupancy
  • Call statistics on all, missed and answered calls, as well as answer time

How E-ngineers was involved?

  • Legacy migration
  • Finalization of requirements and functional design
  • UI \ UX
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Enhancement and third level support after the launch of the project

Advoco NetPBX® is based on the latest telecom industrial standards and supports 3rd party integrations like Microsoft Office. New flexible patented call management system uses web-based switchboard that is cost-effective, easy to use, flexible and secure. E-ngineers team members were glad to participate in this technologically sophisticated collaboration.


  • WCF
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • .NET

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