Application Integration

E-ngineers aligns your solutions, business information and operations, optimising return on investment from your IT assets today ensuring your growth tomorrow. We offer data integration, system integration, api integration, web and online integration services to ensure all elements of your IT landscape interact effectively.

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Why integrate?

  • Increase Business

    In taking advantage of connectivity, operations integration and information exchange throughout your organisation in real time, you gain from better and faster decision-making, making it possible to identify risks and exploit new opportunities.

  • Reliable, Convenient
    B2B Interactions

    In aligning communication channels, you benefit from better B2B links, with faster implementation of operations between your organisation and its suppliers.

  • More Efficient

    By bringing together different solutions, you make sure they can be maintained and supported in the most optimal way.

  • Optimise Time
    & Costs

    By choosing integration, you’re seizing the opportunity to reduce the time and money necessary to replace or redesign existing IT systems.

For any integration scenario

  • Back-End Integration

    E‑ngineers supports your provision of a superior range of services by combining new solutions with your current IT landscape. Let us know your requirements, and we can either design a replacing back-end, or bring together your choice of back-end components from diverse applications and integrate them.

  • Data Integration

    Our specialists bring together information sources across diverse IT landscapes, supporting you in setting up more in-depth links with databases and storage systems across your business, improving the gathering, transformation, formatting and processing of information.

  • Web Services Integration

    E‑ngineers concentrate on ensuring web applications work together with enterprise applications and third-party online services. We can join up your infrastructure with online services to make sure business transactions are supported, manual processes become automatic and disparate data is brought together.

  • API-Based Integration

    E‑ngineers enable your applications to ride on online products provided by third-party services. We use independent app programming interfaces, so you gain from quick and convenient links to payment gateways, geolocation services, e-commerce solutions, media services, advertising platforms, social networks and cloud-based storage.

Essential system integration expertise

E‑ngineers’ software integration specialists have the skill and professional background needed to create sophisticated architecture that can support real-time, event-driven or message-based IT processes.

  • Ecommerce Enablement

    • Payment gateways and processing endpoints integration
    • Integration of e-commerce frontend solutions to backend systems and line-of-business applications
    • AdTech Solutions
    • Mobile commerce integration
  • Online Services & Solutions

    • API development and integration (REST and SOAP)
    • Media content storages and distribution networks integration
    • SMTP servers / E-mail engines integration
    • SMS gateways integration
  • Data Integration

    • Complex ETL
    • Smart Data Connectors
    • Distributed databases and data synchronization
  • Corporate Ecosystems

    • Portal integration
    • Enterprise mobility solutions integration
    • ECM, BI, CRM solutions integration
    • DevOps, Networking

Featured works

  • Virtual PBX Management Portal

    A web IP private branch exchange management system (Advoco NetPBX) that is intended to be used by both service providers and end customers (tenants) to control private telephone networks. This cloud-based solution can be repackaged by service providers to be offered under their own brands for Swedish and global customers.

  • Sporting goods e-commerce platform

    A regional sporting goods online store integrated with product information management software system to support a new website design and a range of promotional and product management features on the backend.

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