Data Analytics Services

Data analytics enable firms to transform raw commercial information into insights they can act on. E-ngineers helps businesses make prompt and information-driven decisions in fast-moving conditions by offering a complete range of data analytics services.

Select your data analytics service

  • Reporting and visualisation

    Data analytics software empowers the full analysis lifecycle by gathering data from one or more internal and external data sources, combining it with a centralised data warehouse, then evaluating and presenting key insights for business users in a way that’s easy to understand.

    • Interactive information evaluation and discovery
    • Collaborative dashboards
    • Standard and custom visual elements
    • Interactive visualisation
    • Regular and on-demand reporting
    • Mobile reporting

  • Data warehouse migration

    Thinking of moving your data warehouse to the cloud? We can support your preferred strategy – whether that means migrating all your data to the cloud, or having a hybrid data warehouse where business-critical data stays with you. E-ngineers can provide support in:

    • Creating a migration strategy and plan
    • Choosing the best cloud vendor for your business
    • Designing the cloud cluster to help lower costs
    • Reconfiguring a data warehouse on a different platform
    • Migrating master and metadata to a new data warehouse
    • Assessing all data aspects to ensure a successful migration

  • Data analytics implementation

    At E-ngineers, we apply more than 15 years’ data analytics deployment expertise to set up data analytics solutions with minimal costs and maximum return on investment. Our data analysts:

    • Help you select a data analytics technology stack
    • Identify the right data analytics software configuration
    • Deliver PoC for complex projects
    • Incorporate data analytics software with the necessary data source systems, establishes ETL processes and assembles OLAP cubes
    • Run quality assurance to endorse the data analytics solution
    • Supply training and support programs as needed

Data analytics areas we cover

  • Financial analytics

    • Assessing income, costs and profitability
    • Profitability analysis and financial performance management
    • Budget planning, creating long-term business plans
    • Financial risk forecasting and management

  • Brand and product analytics

    • Running product performance analysis
    • Tracking customer interactions to understand bottlenecks relating to churn
    • Running benchmarking of market rivals

  • Asset analytics

    • Real-time asset control and tracing
    • Asset management at all stages
    • Predictive and preventive maintenance
    • Asset health forecasting
    • Creating asset maintenance and replacement strategies

  • HR analytics

    • Staff/divisional performance monitoring and evaluation
    • Staff survey and satisfaction analysis
    • Staff retention improvement and management
    • Staff recruitment strategy analysis and improvement

  • Customer analytics

    • Behaviour analysis and forecasting
    • Segmentation for custom promotions
    • Custom cross- and upselling campaigns to prolong customers’ lifetime value
    • Forecasting attrition and risk management for churn
    • Sentiment analysis to improve the product/service

  • Supply chain analytics

    • Understanding customer drivers, demand prediction and preparation
    • Supplier performance monitoring and evaluation
    • Predictive route optimisation
    • Identifying optimal stock levels of to meet customer demand and prevent stockouts, inventory planning and control
    • Locating patterns and trends across the supply chain to optimise supply chain risk management

  • Manufacturing analytics

    • Total manufacturing efficiency analysis and improvement
    • Operational quality forecasting and control
    • Equipment maintenance planning
    • Energy consumption forecasting and optimisation
    • Production shortfall origin analysis

Data Analytics
technology components we offer

  • Data warehouse

    • Extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) creation and deployment
    • Information governance (data security, quality, availability) control
    • Data warehouse design and deployment
  • Big data

    • Big data structure organisation and support
    • Big data quality and security control
    • Big data evaluation and statements
  • Data science

    • (Big) Data planning and control
    • Expansion and adjustment of machine learning (including deep learning) approaches
    • Expansion and adjustment of data mining approaches
    • Image analysis software solutions
  • Self-service BI

    • Business intelligence and data analytics structure creation and deployment
    • Regular and on-demand analytics checking and statements
    • Natural language user interface
  • Data visualisation

    • Collaborative dashboard
    • Standard and custom visuals
    • Various visualisation techniques (including symbol maps, line, bar and pie charts)

Technology stack

Business Intelligence /
Data Visualisation Tools

Databases and
data storages

Featured Works

  • Building Business Information Management Systems

    Building a data warehouse for a major bank, which entailed collecting business requirements, assessing task significance and complexity, deploying data marts, and implementing data quality control procedures.

  • Migration from SYMBOLS to Finastra Fusion Essence for a Major Bank

    A major bank closed its Far Eastern branch and transferred its clients to the headquarters. As part of this process, the bank migrated from SYMBOLS to Finastra Fusion Essence. The project involved requirements preparation, client screening, termination of SYMBOLS accounts, credit portfolio cession, data migration cleansing, and notification to the revenue service.

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