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Remote team management platform

A collaboration portal designed for connecting experts, who are looking for interesting new projects on the market, with companies in need of niche, exclusive or temporary specialists. The platform provides a complete integrated payment solution, as well as progress and task management systems.


There are several solutions on the market that match freelancers with customers, but none of them offer team management options or extended project tracking functions with integrated payment modules. An ambitious initial concept, continuous enhancements, as well as the commitment to satisfy the needs of both sellers and buyers from different industries, lead E-ngineers team to turn this project into a chain of proof-of-concepts.


To create a marketable and engaging product, we decided to split the project into smaller modules for separate target audiences. This decision increased the complexity level of project management but proved to effective in meeting the goals. Our OpenVidu experience allowed us to deploy video conference servers integrated with collaborative IT project management functionality. On client side we used WebRTC with Objective-C and OpenVidu Angular libraries. The overall architecture includes the following components:


The component allows to search, hire and pay specialists. The features include job posting editor, candidate search, as well as quotes and billing functions.


This module was created for the users to communicate, collaborate and keep the projects up to date. Its functionality allows text messaging, voice and video calls.


This toolset is geared towards tracking and analyzing a project’s progress. Its main objective is to create online spaces for project planning and team collaboration.

While we were carrying out the project, even more challenges were turned into business opportunities:

  • The need to cover the management of distributed teams was turned into the functionality allowing freelance teams to work as efficiently as traditional companies
  • Full cycle team management capabilities in a single digital space brought bulk buyers to the platform
  • Tax and accounting friendly document management boosted freelance usage


  • Angular
  • Java 8.0
  • Objective-C
  • Kotlin
  • Spring Framework
  • Ebean+Postgres
  • RabbitMQ
  • Rancher
  • WebRTC
  • OpenVidu

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