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DataScale wins the competition to implement a Loan Workflow at JSCB “Davr Bank”Forum dedicated to security in Fintech

DataScale became the winner of the competition to implement a Loan Workflow at JSCB “Davr Bank”. The Loan Workflow solution based on the DocHub platform from the company “ID Financial Technologies” was selected as a result of the competition. The new solution provides the ability to manage the portfolio of lending products, the life cycle of a lending application and the lending product provided. It also includes the ability to connect partners and other representatives to the lending process. The solution is based on the Doc Hub platform, providing a graphical description of business processes, document storage and integration via various data transfer protocols.

Implementing the Loan Workflow in the bank will bring a number of benefits, including:

  1. Increased efficiency of the lending process: Automating all stages of the lending process will reduce the time it takes to review applications, expedite decision-making and improve the bank’s overall operational efficiency.
  2. Improved customer experience: With features like online document submission, application status tracking, and faster application reviews, customers will experience a more convenient and transparent service.
  3. Improved competitiveness: the bank that uses modern technology and automated processes can react faster to changes in the market and offer more attractive terms to customers.
  4. Reduced operating costs: Optimizing the lending process and reduction of the time required for its execution reduce the bank’s operating costs.
  5. Improved risk management: Automating the lending process helps improve risk control as the system can analyse data and identify potential problems early on.
  6. Integration with other systems of the bank: The Loan Workflow can be easily integrated with other systems of the bank, which provides a single information space and facilitates interaction between different departments.

Overall, implementing the Loan Workflow will allow the bank to increase efficiency, improve customer experience, reduce costs and become more competitive in the market of financial services.

JSCB “Davr Bank” is a rapidly growing bank demonstrating high performance in both corporate and retail banking segments. Currently, it is one of Uzbekistan’s top commercial banks, a universal and highly reliable financial institution.

DataScale specialises in developing and implementing efficient digital solutions for banks and financial organizations using cutting-edge technologies. DataScale brings together experts with many years of experience in international projects and in-depth knowledge of global practices to create optimal integrated solutions for each client.

Сompany “ID Financial Technologies” has been successfully operating in the IT consulting market for 14 years. It specializes in implementing complex integration projects for the development and support of corporate software for leading banks and financial organizations, as well as developing its own products.

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