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services package customisation engine

Well integrated with the relevant modules of Misys Equation, the bank’s core system, our customisation engine offers customers a way to select a range of banking services and personalise their experience, instead of receiving a pre-set service package.


Our client wanted to create service packages, similar to mobile operators’ tariff plans. The objective was to optimise the provision of financial services to the bank's private and corporate customers, and to streamline their use of tariffs. All the bank's current and future commissions will be automated and included in the services package, and connected to the customer. To achieve this, the bank required new system components for Misys Equation, its core banking system (CBS). The bank’s preferred optimisation plan touches on all components of the ABS and data architecture, so there was a need for cross-system backward integration with legacy systems.


To meet the client's requirements, we are designing a low-level platform for back-end processes that can handle the data belonging to hundreds of thousands of its banking customers. The objective is to make it more straightforward for more than half a million active customers to engage with the bank’s service offering. The platform includes both web and mobile versions, which are thoroughly incorporated with the internet banking system.

The project’s main development environment blends the IBM i Series platform and the Misys Equation CBS. RPG ILE is the environment where the CBS code is written, which makes possible native integration with the relevant current subsystems and modules, and in addition to the RPG language, .Net and Java are chosen. Angular and React JavaScript frameworks are employed to create the necessary internal and external web systems. The main development framework is Rational Development Studio; while deployment is performed using Misys Equation's internal tools; DB2 and SQL are the preferred database solutions; finally, Kanban is the chosen development methodology. Our solution is a subsystem split up into over 20 modules for the evaluation, authentication, coordination, supervision and processing of customer transactions, combined directly within the core banking system.

The development is roughly divided into 4 phases:

  • Architecture review and planning
  • Composing low-level software tailored to the runtime environment
  • Cross-system assimilation of new components with CBS and external runtime modules
  • Maintenance to ensure the system operates smoothly and new functionality keeps developing.

We delivered a user-friendly and convenient solution to assure outstanding customer satisfaction levels. Implementing the engine makes it possible to speed up service processes and increase efficiency. All this helps the bank make the switch from offering its customers service access in branches only, towards near-total online management of banking services.


  • IBM I
  • Misys Equation
  • .Net
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Rational Development Studio
  • DB2
  • SQL

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