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An innovative digital space with social trading and portfolio management capabilities, where rich online banking functionality is easily customized with the use of a visual Drag & Drop interface to accommodate both beginners and experienced traders.


A bank’s service offerings and portfolio management options are complicated and not always obvious to the end user. The project’s goal was to attract new customers and engage existing ones with a flexible financial workspace that integrates social features into online banking and trading.


A financial community portal that combines full online banking functionality with social networking features like groups, blogs and messages to offer its users robust social trading capabilities. The innovative interface allows Drag & Drop workspace customization to accommodate the unique individual needs of a customer.

Social trading features provide customers with additional income depending on their trading strategy and level. Experienced traders (leaders) can advise their followers on trading. If the advised strategy is successful and generates profit for a follower, the leader gets a percentage of the profit. Thus, leaders become interested in gaining followers and providing them with good investment strategies, while beginners can learn by replicating leaders or simply earn more by automatically replicating experts’ strategies. Mid-level traders can also use the leaders’ advice to validate their own trading hypotheses. The project’s architecture included HTML5 and JavaScript frontend, J2EE web application server and websockets used for client-server communication.


  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • J2EE
  • websockets

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