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Credit workflow for a Major Bank

Solution for automating crediting business processes, including portfolio management, marketing campaigns, and the entire lifecycle of credit applications and loans.


The crediting process can be time-consuming and complex, with multiple steps and parties involved. Manual processes can lead to errors and delays, impacting customer experience and business efficiency.


Our solution streamlined and automated the crediting process, from application to loan management. It includes following features:

  • Managing portfolio of loan products
  • Managing marketing campaign of a loan product
  • Managing the lifecycle of a loan application (consulting a client, registering an application, analysing credit rating, making a decision, finalizing agreement, loan disbursement)
  • Managing the lifecycle of the granted loan product (agreement support, cross-sales, resolving overdue payment issues, restructuring an overdue payment, terminate a credit agreement)
  • Involving partners and other representatives to the crediting process


  • HTML
  • MQ
  • JMS
  • FTP

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