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Software development outsourcing:
what is important?

The software world is booming and demand for web and mobile applications
grows rapidly. Especially for state-of-the-art concepts like Microservices,
Serverless and Cloud Native. Similarly, the domain of DevOps is increasing
substantially. The Western European market of qualified software specialists
is well under pressure. Selling ‘no’ to existing and potential customers and
losing business to competitors is lurking. You might need a partner that makes
you less vulnerable.

Software development outsourcing offers many benefits for you as a company

The development of your business often goes with ups and downs. Same with the required software development for this. It is often running or standing still. On one occasion you will have serious shortage of capacities, while at other times your software developers will be relatively relaxed. People too much, people too little. Not only budgetary this can create problems, but also qualitatively you do not always have the right people you need at that time. And hiring people via secondment agencies is expensive. Is outsourcing of software development a real option?

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Software outsourcing to a professional outsourcing company?

Outsourcing software development to a ‘different’ company is not easy. Certainly not in the beginning. Much will have to be done to make outsourcing successful. For only one occasional project you better cannot do it. The benefits are only maximal if there is a long-term cooperation. Then there will also be a considerable saving in costs and often a considerable improvement in quality. Both in terms of approach, methodology and tools.

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Is outsourcing everything not a bridge too far?

That may well be so. There are projects that you prefer to keep them in house. That’s why we recommend to start with a process where we keep a close eye on the way you work now, the arrangement between your business and IT and your specific wishes. Then we jointly choose the best fitting projects and teams to perform optimally. This analysis about the match between projects and teams will be done by us continuously.

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Software outsourcing via Agile provides custom projects in “optima forma”

Agile often makes a progress in leaps… Based on small iterations you will get short-term insight into the results of software development. With the possibility to adjust again and again without weeks of work to be done for that. Using agile, through the constant involvement of participants, the software as if quickly develops itself to the needs of your organization. You don’t miss a thing and bring the custom software to optima forma!

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Integrating of outsourcing provider’s software developers is another option

Some companies may use this type of cooperation where they integrate outsourcing personnel into their, usually big teams. Mostly such a model is used by Software houses or companies with a big and strong development department. Let’s be honest, it has its reason behind. In this model the development processes should be ideally set inside your organization and the outsourcing partner should ideally understand and follow them. And, of course, in such a model, even closer attention needs to be diverted to communications from both sides. E-ngineers is experienced in this type of cooperation and can make it effective.

How to do software development outsourcing successfully?

Outsourcing regularly opens the doors to innovative solutions and often delivers operational savings. Software development outsourcing is increasingly the starting point of a long-term relationship with an IT partner that paves the way to continuous business innovation.

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