Is outsourcing a solution for the shortage
of IT-personnel?

The financial crisis has just been defeated or another crisis has started.
It is increasingly difficult to find enough expert and affordable IT-specialists
who meetthe increasing demand for software development. But then what?
Sending customers away or refusing orders is also not an option.

Distribute part of your software development to
an outsourcing company?

Oh yes, outsourcing, we’ve heard you are thinking. And you’re right. At the beginning of this century, this form of doing business reached a peak and it was bad. Many development providers from distant countries were culturally so different that the collaboration did not get off the ground. We couldn’t understand them, and they were only half like us in communications. And the time difference was far too big. But we are now fifteen years further and a lot has changed and learned. Software development outsourcing is now a real option!

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Outsourcing works well when the culture and time difference tends to nil

Outsourcing (or in this case nearsourcing) appears to work best with high-quality outsourcing providers and specialists from countries that are closer to home and hardly differ in terms of culture with the Western European. The software developers of E-ngineers speak excellent English are modern, super professional, and university educated.

Our team in St. Petersburg, supported by Dutch colleagues, is working on projects and is specialized in the most modern programming languages. The excellent level of university education in St. Petersburg offers E-ngineers access to the best software specialists. Our Dutch team helps to streamline and support communication. E-ngineers is a trusted partner for leading and emerging companies.

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See your outsourcing provider as a full-fledged partner

Outsourcing can be the solution for your problem. When you enter into a partnership with an outsourcing provider that supplies you with state-of-the-art software in the coming years, you make the difference. Not only in your company, but also towards your customers. E-ngineers is a trusted partner for this.

Use us as a full partner. Then you will continue as a company. And if I can give a tip: do not stick to one project, but team up a good part of your development for the next 3 to 10 years. This will give you a win-win situation and you will grow. Because if your competitors can not deliver what their customers are looking for, and you do, then … Do you understand?

Finding IT people becomes more difficult

The shortage of IT professionals is of course good news for highly educated and talented IT people. There are excellent opportunities for great jobs and negotiating of their financial positions. For IT companies, however, the scarcity of IT professionals means that they have to make much more efforts to attract the right specialists. You are fishing all together in a relatively small pond. This means that you have to offer something extra to let people choose for your company.

How you can successfully tackle software development outsourcing in practice ?

Outsourcing often opens the doors for innovative solutions and provides operational savings. Software development outsourcing is increasingly the starting point of a long-term relationship with an IT partner that paves the way to continuous business innovation.

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