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IT staff shortage: how do you get good IT professionals?
The shortage of IT professionals in The Netherlands is already significant, but expected to grow even further in the upcoming decades.
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IT Outsourcing: 7 important communication tips for your development team
The success of IT outsourcing is highly dependent on good and clear communication between the involved parties. But how does a development team shape outstanding communication structures?
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Software development outsourcing: this is how you do it
Software development outsourcing remains an important and popular mode of operation for doing business on a national or international scale. It often paves the way for smart and innovative business solutions and regularly reduces operational costs. Especially highly innovative and specialized IT tasks, like for example app development, are well suited for software development outsourcing.
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Fear of missing out and microservices: why and when to switch
Microservice architecture has many advantages. You and your team are eager to come under its benefit. A switch to micro services can be drastic for your company. Is this switchover not underestimated? What should you think about and when will you take the plunge? Do you want to know more about the move to microservices? Then read this whitepaper.
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Micromanagement in IT teams
In this Whitepaper we discuss micromanagement within IT teams. This often takes place within companies where the manager treats his subordinates unreasonably. This has consequences for the responsibilities and tasks of subordinates, which are often limited.
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