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Outsourcing vs. Outstaffing. What to choose? Or do you prefer in-house?

Do you lack qualified and affordable people? Are you going to outsource projects? Or, to add external forces to the existing team? Read the pros and cons of these ...

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Social distancing demands innovative online services

In this Blog we investigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on software development and identify other social and economic factors that are forcing companies to ...

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The Catch-22 of legacy systems

The maintenance of legacy systems is a nightmare, but replacement is an expensive affair. A real Catch-22! Read in this blog how to avoid this dangerous zone.

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Outside the box: How one man’s outsourcing experience can make a difference

What does it mean to work in distributed teams? How is it structured? What is important, what is critical and where to pay attention to? In this article you can find some hints and tips on this topic.

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Fear of missing out and microservices: why and when to switch

Microservice architecture has many advantages. You and your team are eager to come under its benefit. A switch to micro services can be drastic for your company. Is this switchover not underestimated? What should you think about and ...

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