Our management team has a vast international
experience in IT

We are people from different countries. We used to work with remote and
international clients and remote teams. We can to provide maximum support
to companies from all over the world.

E-ngineers management team


Anna is a financial and international commerce
economist with management track record in some
top companies like the financial outsourcing leader
Intercomp and SaxoSoft, an IT subsidiary of the
European global on-line bank SaxoBank. She
disposes a wide range of analytical and consulting
experience along with successful project
implementations. Anna is a highly responsible
individual and devoted to her work.

The only other thing in life, that she is as
passionate about as her job, is watching football.


Having worked with a range of European and American companies, Veniamin has got extensive IT experience in project management. He is the chief consultant who drives the technological aspects of our business solutions. He is highly enthusiastic and passionate for his work and most important he is a result-oriented manager. As a CIO, he demonstrates bold leadership qualities & interpersonal skills. He possesses strong technical & analytical expertise and has excellent and effective communication.

However, he has a knack for turning coffee breaks into brainstorming sessions while gently bantering with colleagues.

Managing Director

Maria is an experienced financial manager with a
proven record in European and multinational
companies. She ensures the company is running
stable and smoothly.

Don’t let the looks fool you, this frail woman is keen
on things that demonstrate a strong character:
driving, skating and skiing.

Sales Director

Hans has more than 30 years of experience in
sales, marketing and business development within
IT organizations. Always with the goal to find and
explore new markets and potential customers to
increase sales. He has placed a clear focus within
E-ngineers on the segments in which we excel and
offer added value.

Hans is also a football fan, not Zenit but VVV from
Venlo and plays in Veterans 45+ 1 of the
Koninklijke HFC.

IT Consultant

Alexey is innovative, efficient and creative.
While being passionate about inventing software
designs with “cutting edge” technologies he
manages to balance them with the needed
conservative approach without compromising
with performance.

Alexey is equally good at analyzing IT systems,
generating ideas and creating positive atmosphere
in the company.

Team Lead, E-commerce & Visual Apps

Anton is a person with rare combination
of broad vision and the ability to work out
the details.

His versatility can be seen in the wide range of
activities that he does: software architecture design
and development, hunting, fishing, intellectual
board games and eating cookies.

Team Lead, QA

Jishu is a sophisticated quality assurance engineer
with a deep insight into the business processes of
various domains in IT. Curious, determined and
always ready to take on a new challenge, Jishu will
be persistently on your back until the final product
launch, regardless of his seemingly soft touch.

Sports and meditation help him to progress
in life and in work.

E-ngineers B.V.

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The Hague, Netherlands

Commercial issues: + 31 6 5124 50 88
General issues: + 31 6 5586 76 37

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