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Virtual PBX Management Portal

The project is an application to edit and manage IP PBX system (Advoco NetPBX) via a web portal on a service provider and tenant level.  Advoco NetPBX is a cloud-based solution that is distributed via service providers who in turn supply the service in their own name, to customers all over Sweden and abroad. End customers (tenants) are small and medium size enterprisers.

Advoco Systems AB (Sweden)
Advoco develops a communication solution with a wide range of company specific functionality.
  • WCF
  • HTML5
  • JQUery
  • .net Framework
Advoco NetPBX® is designed to deliver phone services through existing broadband and mobile network. The service is fully independent from the mobile operators and works equally well with whichever of the mobile operators the customer may have. This includes mixed environments where the co-workers have different operators in order to handle different coverage situations. The portal has a role-based access: for “service providers” and tenant administrators.

For the "service provider" it is the main tool of system administration and management. The portal supports “service provider” branding and content management. It has the following functionality:

  • Overview of current tenants and their numbers;
  • Set up a pool of numbers for a tenant - select numbers and reserve them for a company;
  • Manage tenant administrators’ passwords;
  • Customize the portal outlay for the tenant, change the color theme, with the ability to preview, select the language;
  • Publication of news for tenants, news can be of any nature, for example, about launch of a new service by provider or the beginning of the sale;
  • Publication of alarms for tenants, for example, about problems in the system and time to resolve it;
  • Publication of user materials for tenants.

For tenant administrators it is a portal for monitoring and managing configurations across the enterprise:

  • Distribution of phone numbers from the pool to specific people or groups, PBX constructor;
  • Installation of welcome messages;
  • Review / Edit / Add / delete users: filtering / participating in groups, properties, active users, setting incoming call redirection rules in accordance with the employee accessibility calendar, etc .;
  • Statistics on calls: the specified period and the main number, missed calls, total calls, answered calls, average answer time.

How E-ngineers was involved?

  • Finalization of requirements and functional design
  • UI \ UX
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Enhancement and third level support after the launch of the project
Advoco NetPBX® is based on the latest telecom industrial standard as well as IT standard technology such as integration with Microsoft Office. In addition, Advoco has added a flexible and patented call management resulting in a web-based switchboard that is cost effective, easy to manage, flexible and safe. E-ngineers specialists were glad to participate in this technologically interesting collaboration and project.