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Scoring system

RB Garant is a company that provides services to enterprises on getting bank loans and guarantees. One of the channels they use to serve customers is an on-line platform – RB Garant scoring. The applicant can upload corporate documents like annual reports, financial statements, charting and other legal documents into the system. It matches these KPI’s with the KPI-ranges of the banks (that are the partners of RB Garant). Based on the match, the loan applicant will get an advice on which bank or banks will be most likely the best partner or partners to (co-)issue the guarantee.

RB Garant
Сompany that provides services to enterprises on getting bank loans and guarantees
  • Laravel 5
  • PHP 7
  • Vue 2
  • jQuery
  • Java 8
  • Agile
  • Postgre SQL 9.6
  • Git CI Runner

The platform also serves as the working place of the RB Garant credit manager:

  • It includes full customer database and provides tools to work with customers;
  • llows to automatize compilation and submission of the client’s applications with pack of documents to the bank according to the requirement of a specific bank;
  • Information about tender application is automatically pulled from the tender system (parsing), for customers that asks for a guarantee in terms of a state tender. Later this information is automatically filled into the application to be submitted to the bank;
  • The system is integrated with swapping application. The data is swapped with the state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Some data can be checked, whilst other data sets can be received if they are missing in the client’s documents;
  • It is integrated with an IP telecom company for calling and contains a call center module. A call center operator sees an updateable list of clients with contact details, statuses, calls and call descriptions. The operator is also able to make calls to clients, use call templates provided in the module and find information about how the call went if the call was executed from outside the system. The operator can also schedule calls in the internal calendar;
  • The system has an own mail client that accepts customer letters, analyzes attachments, directs them to the main customer portfolio or distributes between operators. It also sends out correspondence such as offers to potential customers and receives information from the banks.

How E-ngineers was involved?

  • Responsible for the development of a system architecture that includes various integration layers.
  • Created a thorough set of requirements by interviewing the customer.
  • Responsible for the project management and provided full stack development (not involved into the algo and scoring module itself).
  • Provided various types of integration (inclusive REST_API) and parsing methods that were used during the development of the system.
  • Implementation of DevOps tools: a premium example is Git continuous integration. By means of GitLab Ci Runners we keep environments up to date with the latest developments and tests.

Challenges and the verdict of RB Garant

The main challenge was the necessity to launch the first version of the program very fast. Second: there was no resource on our side to formalize all the requirements for the system. E-ngineers were a very proactive company that delivered fast results in setting up the system and launching the first version of the RB Garant credit system. They build up a process of interviewing the business owners to create the requirements and manage the project. We managed to smoothly get the necessary development processes in place.

Within less than half year the system was enriched with a set of extra, rather wide-ranging functionalities.

We are really satisfied with the approach and quality of work of E-ngineers. This high level of satisfaction includes the quality of the code. RB Garant would describe the services of E-ngineers as proficient, result-oriented and client-friendly.

RB Garant