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Open Collection CMS optimisation

Open Collection activities involve working with a large amount of information on art objects and events. To support it, the foundation has a CMS system, that was specifically developed for them. The system is rather big with various role-based accesses and a CEO module. It allows working with processing and publishing information about the exhibits, collections, projects and exhibitions.

Open Collection
“Open Collection” is a unique foundation that supports cultural projects, with a focus on the preservation, restoration and promotion of folk art and culture of Russian regions
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Bootstrap
  • Agile
The main challenges the foundation faced were to optimize the functionality of the existing CMS system with a rather complicated structure and architecture. And to make it handy and dynamic within the limited budget, considering the lack of any documentation and knowledge of this existing system. E-ngineers managed to formulate requirements, learn the current system and adapt Open Collection CMS (for the Russian site) for comfortable and effective work within the agreed budget.

Development of the new features included:

  • Transfer of site to the adaptive design (using Bootstrap);
  • Improvement of classification of exhibits: option to add parameters to the exhibit and filter the list of exhibits displayed on the site by these parameters was added);
  • Introduction of the feature on participation of exhibits in publications;
  • Implementation of exhibits’ location registration: the ability to enter and save museum data and link exhibits to locations. The output of locations was implemented as a map with markers;
  • Improvement of the section “Restoration”: the work with the restored exhibits was optimized in the context of the entire collection.
  • Creation of a multi-boot mechanism: enabling the loading of a set of information about several exhibits in one go;
  • Option to dynamically fill in sections of projects was added: input of data and dynamic output on the site of parameters, and the value of these parameters for the relevant project without affecting other projects;
  • Update of the outlay of information cards that can be printed from the site.

How E-ngineers was involved?

  • Producing a set of requirements based on the customer’s wishes.
  • Responsible for the project management.
  • Making reverse engineering.
  • Development of new functionality.
  • Integration with a charity payments module.
  • Creation of User Documentation.

The verdict of the customer

Open Collection Foundation conveys its special gratitude to E-ngineers for their enhancements of the website and implementation of a new content management functionality.

“We thank employees of “E-ngineers” for effective and proficient work, sensitivity to our requirements, wise technical solutions to our problems and constructive approach”, – Anna Samoilova, General Director of the Foundation.


Open Collection
The objectives of the foundation are the revival of Russia’s cultural heritage and promotion of traditional painting and woodcarving. IT owns a collection of more than 3,500 folk art objects, including traditional paintings and carvings. Artefacts of traditional peasant life are studied, popularized, and exhibited at various venues. The foundation has restored more than 50 items of folk art. The foundation is a good example of how passion, supported by a correct management approach, can rapidly give a good idea worthy embodiment.