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Mobile platform for expert advice with a VoIP system

This is a platform that brings together users and experts. Experts advise users online. A user can call to the selected expert through the platform and get an advice on various topics.

For each advice a User pays a certain price to an Expert. Every expert defines himself his price per advice and maximum duration of consultation at this price.

Implemented for a Dutch technical startup
  • Android
  • iOS (Objective C)
  • Push notification
  • Java2EE
  • PostgreSQL 9.2
  • FreeSwitch
  • TurnServer

The system has:

  • Difficult system of bonuses and ratings
    Every expert has a rating. To get the initial rating, the expert must answer first 50 calls for free. He’s then displayed in the system as an expert with 0 price.
    Each user has 20 default bonuses after registration. Giving a feedback after each call, he can get more bonuses. These bonuses can be used to call experts with 0 price. If a user does not have bonuses, he can’t call an expert with 0 price.
  • Internal messenger
    Before requesting a service, the user can ask preliminary questions to an expert in messenger for example if he doubts about expert’s competence. User can also order a service via Call Back request. Then he can also send to an expert brief note about future advice in order not to waste time for explanation during the consultation and give an expert a chance to prepare better.
  • Detailed statistics (dashboards) for the users and experts on calls and finance
  • Payment part
    Integrated with Brain Tree and PayPal payment systems.

How E-ngineers was involved?

  • Responsible for design of a system architecture
  • Created a thorough set of requirements by interviewing the customer
  • Responsible for the project management and provided full stack development (Adnroid/iOs application, web administrative application, server part)
  • Implementation of SIP services
Main challenges were to formulate clear requirements and solve numerous problems with SIP services.