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AS/400 and RPG have a very rich legacy

RPG is a high-level fully procedural programming language used by businesses to create business critical applications on IBM’s leading minicomputer system, the AS400 or iSeries. RPG has gained wide acceptance and has evolved massively since its inception. Today many ERPs, core-banking and other mission critical business applications are based on RPG. and IBMi is still the platform of choice for secure and data heavy business applications.

Migration to cloud vs running legacy systems on private mainframes

While RPG as a programming language is much more flexible than many may think it is and IBM i as a platform is capable of running high load rapid response systems, for some it may not be enough and we at E-ngineers will be happy to help you move.


Many businesses seek migration off-platform in order to get more flexible and easy to manage tools fearing the “COBOL trap” when in a short span of several years it became evident that neglected legacy systems became hard to manage and upgrade. That was not a question of keeping up with more modern solutions; it was a question of business safety.


On the other hand, we believe that businesses who would like to keep operating their own off-cloud hardware and avoid the “COBOL trap” should have that option but need to maintain their business critical solutions, including legacy systems, in up-to date state.


E-ngineers has expertise to manage and upgrade your existing legacy RPG / IBMi systems.

RPG Development: How can E-ngineers help you?

RPG software development team at E-ngineers can help you with:

Creation of custom RPG based solutions using any version of the language like RPG 3.x, RPG IV (RPG ILE), RPG-FREE and SQL

Migrating from older versions of OS/400 to a newer one or migrating off platform

Analysis, redesign, improvement and maintenance of your existing IBMi based software

Troubleshooting any issues you may have with IBMi systems including debugging any RPG software causing a problem

Custom development of new modules and features for your Misys Equation / Fusion Core Banking systems. Version upgrade, maintenance, ETL, migration subsystems design, legacy code optimization.

Benefits of Dedicated Team

Your AS/400 software applications have been driving your business for decades. You have a small, dedicated staff to maintain those applications, but what happens when one of them leaves? Maybe they retire. Maybe they get a new job. Either way, your staff can’t keep up.


With the investments you’ve made in solid RPG applications built on AS/400, you deserve to have the right resources to maintain your system. But finding a qualified, experienced RPG developer on short notice can be next to impossible.


Aside from the cost savings, here are a few more reasons to consider outsourcing some of your IBM i work to a credible team.

Why Choose E-ngineers?

E-ngineers has the team you need to help leverage your valuable business logic and data, regardless of the age of the technology.

Let us run your AS/400 or manage your AS/400 talent

Our team is made up of true IBM I and RPG experts with 12+ years of experience in commercial RPG development on average. We’ve delivered solutions for clients from the most demanding industries security-wise like banking and healthcare. Whether you just need an expert in DB2 or you’re looking to completely modernize your systems, we have the IBM i / AS400 resources and experience needed.

Featured works

Banking services package customization engine

Deeply integrated with relevant modules of the core-banking system (Misys Equation), the engine offers bank’s customers a tool to manage and tailor a list of banking services customizing it in an individual way rather than choosing a pre-set service package.

#IBM i
# Misys Equation
#Rational Development Studio
Mysis Internet Banking core upgrade

Mysis Internet Banking core upgrade assumed first of all a complete remodeling of an international private bank’s Internet services architecture supporting more than 200,000 users.

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#Misys Equation

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